Shapes of Humanity / Jon Wassom

Artist Jon Wassom returns to {9} for his third solo exhibition which focuses on the figurative exploration of the symbiosis of relationships. He brings forth a diverse and inclusive depiction of the modern relational ideal with palettes that are equally broad in spectrum. It has been an honor to support the growth of Mr. Wassom and to experience the evolution of his emergence as a fine artist. In this body of work, the balance of his palette, and the intentional awareness of the shadow are exceptional.

“The pieces seem to fall in and out of place within this temporary realm of the human experience. Who am I? I ask myself. Every breath has been an odyssey to find where I fit in, my origin, purpose, and destination. This quest inspires my work. I depict the human form in all of its rawness. I fabricate it in moments of clarity amongst abstract thoughts…..I place it in a world of duality similar to the one I live. In lightness and darkness. With struggles and successes. This person, both human and spiritual, encounters moments of pain, and moments of joy. I can relate to it. These shapes are filled with explorations of emotions and sexualities. Learning, unlearning, and relearning. That painting might become something new. The image’s surface is but a remnant that has gone on many journeys.….Thus, creating a path to just one perception of this transient life.” Jon Wassom