Gods & Monsters the Art opens Friday 6/3 6PM Gods & Monsters the Dance 6/11 2&8PM

 {9} The Gallery and Artelshow are pleased to present Gods & Monsters:

Inspired by the juxtaposition of darkness and light, of good and evil, of the real and the imagined, Gods & Monsters brings a diversity of content and creative interpretation to these contrasts. Using a broad spectrum of mediums and subject matter over 40 local and national visual artists explore concepts of origin, myth, divinity and morality.

Artist List:


Cindy Schnackel

Cinque Smith

Curt Walters

Dain Q Gore

Damian Jim

Daniel Shepherd

Dave Hanson

Delaney Dickerson

Devon Christopher Adams

Doug Bale

Eric Cox

Eric Ten

Fred Tieken

Geoffrey Bohm

Hannah Irene Walsh

Kris Manzares

Joanna Proffitt

Johnny Kerr

Jordan Alexander Thomas (Space Boy Robot)

Lucas J Knowles

Lydia Petunia

Mark Christopher

Matthew Goodall

Matthew Houston

Mykil Zep

Rachel Srinivasan

Richard Bistrup

Roberta Masciarelli

Ron Kibble

Ryan Quackenbush

Shelley Whiting

Sienna Heinemann

Sondra Carr

Swapna Das

Tal Dvir

Tara Sharpe

Turner G Davis

Yuko Yabuki

Yvette Arteaga

Gods & Monsters will also feature a performance dance series choreographed by Cavallero / Gomez / Olson. Opening Night (First Friday June 3, 2016) will feature a complimentary performance sneak peek with full length ticketed performances taking place on Saturday June 11, 2016 (2pm Matinee and 8pm Evening.) Each full length performance will be approximately 1 hour, is site specific to the gallery space with Gods & Monsters visual works on view. Tickets currently on sale at 9thegallery.com / Gods & Monsters Site-Specific Performance 2pm Matinee / Gods & Monsters Site-Specific Performance 8pm Evening for $15 each.

Opening: First Friday June 3, 2016 6pm - 10pm

Artist Reception: Third Friday June 17, 2016 6pm - 10pm

Ticketed Performances: Saturday June 11, 2016 2pm and 8pm