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Love, Intentionally - A White Tantric Puja

This event is designed to create radical change in all of your relationships. Through a series of connecting exercises, you will lay down the foundation for new habits and patterns with those you love. In many ways, this event is a prayer. A movement prayer, a prayer of devotion. Through the application of neotantric practices (this is a modified "Puja"), you will guide the subtle energy within yourself to full expression in ceremony and play with the dualities of masculine and feminine, giving and receiving, human and divine.

THIS IS NOT SPEED DATING. Throughout the event you will form heart-connections with others but, most importantly, you will walk away with a deeper love for yourself.

This event is suitable for singles and for couples of all genders and orientations (you may perform all activities with the partner you arrived with if that is your preference), and is a fully-clothed event intended to foster a connection to the divine within us all.

Vegan appetizers and a meet & greet will begin at 4:30 PM, and the doors will close at 5:00 PM to maintain the sanctity of the opening circle. Contact Michael Gustie at 541-740-5299 with questions/late arrival

Earlier Event: July 22
Later Event: August 5
"Healing Waters"