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"Healing Waters"

The Fine Art Collaboration of Anderson Modern  & LB Painting

{9} The Gallery presents “Healing Waters”, the collaborative effort of Arizona-based artists Jessica Speer and Holly Anderson, skirts the line between representation and abstraction. Figures are suggested by the swirling aquatic colors and jagged terrestrial textures, but no discrete objects appear. At times there is an illusion of depth, but this is achieved through a vertiginous process of layering, shadowing, and facture rather than by straightforward linear perspective.


Healing waters touches base on movement and flow of the spirit and the energy how it transforms you within.  The series is very unique because it starts off by transforming the surface of each canvas with crushed stone, sand from the beach, glass beads, and acrylic pastes & gels.  Next we use fluid acrylics and no tools or utensils we only paint with water. The paint we use is reflective ( iridescent & metallic ) it gives people a sense of healing thru their own reflection and appears as if it moves as you walk by it which aids in growth, purpose and healing. Healing through water, becoming renewed and cleansed ...the color blue’s effect on the human brain how it reflects one self, the color of the sky and the ocean for example  People associate these colors with spirit and dive deep into who they are.  There is much depth in each piece thru texture, shadowing and layering, A cathartic process of movement created by both of our techniques