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Fatal Farm / Cindy Schnackel

This series began with a tiny painting titled "Baby," inspired by the millions of broiler chicks bred to grow fast and huge so they can be slaughtered when only a few weeks old. The photographs of Tamara Kenneally, who gave me permission to use her work as reference, inspired quite a bit of the work. She had many photos of factory farms. I was moved especially by young broiler chickens, huge and fat and many unable to even walk because of it, but with baby blue eyes.
The work ranges from darkly humorous, to the absurd animal art that many are used to seeing from me. It is about my view of animals, how I think they might view us, and animals in human situations which has always a favorite theme.
The first painting for the series, "Baby," was actually created in 2014 after seeing the baby broiler chick pictures, and grew from there. I used Baby in this ad for the show. About a year ago, I started earnestly pursuing the idea of having a show on this theme, and was honored to have Laura Dragon take an interest in it.
By about 2012 I had started the process of giving up animal products. Chicken was the first to go! I looked at our pet birds and then the chicken from the supermarket and realized there was no real difference in how I should be viewing them. It took awhile to find a direction for this show/series that felt right, because my art isn't usually serious, sad, or real message-y. I hope you will enjoy the show and hope it'll make you think about the character and personalities of animals and that they too have a joy for life.

Earlier Event: September 13
Yoga with Art - 7pm - 8:30p
Later Event: September 20
Yoga with Art - 7pm - 8:30p