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Johnny Kerr "STILL"

Still Artist Reception 2/25 4-7PM

Photographs by Johnny Kerr

Solitude is an essential part of an introvert’s well-being. Authentic interaction with individuals and small groups is also necessary and edifying. Nevertheless, I need time alone to process and recharge. Living in a big city with a demanding job and a family can make this a challenge.

This series of photographs represents my pursuit of quietude: to be still, to listen, to see, and to process. Stillness, like any discipline, is an intentional act. One must make the time for it. Sometimes it looks like quiet contemplation or meditation. Other times it looks like engaging in activities that are enriching or cathartic: reading, looking at or making art, listening to or making music, etc.

The reality of each of these scenes at the time of exposure ranged from tourist-populated, bustling beaches to abandoned shores anticipating menacing storms—great metaphors for busy city life. I use my camera to create quiet space, renovating each scene into a personal sanctuary.

Long exposure times ranging between thirty seconds to over five minutes allow the camera to consolidate several moments into one image, registering any movement as indistinct blurs of reflected light, or not recording it at all. The process itself forces me to be patient and still. The result is a tranquil stillness, a silence that breeds introspection and peace rather than loneliness.


About The Artist

Johnny Kerr is an American fine art photographer based in Arizona who has pursued art in various forms since childhood. His college studies and early career concentrated on graphic design but during his late twenties, a desire to change careers brought him back to school to study education. Removed from the commercial sector, and creating art solely for himself once again, Johnny found a new voice in the medium of photography.

Self-taught in the craft of photography, Johnny cites his lifelong study of art, his graphic design experience and his appreciation for minimalist design as having the largest influences on his work. Johnny’s work often explores the abstract qualities of his subjects, placing them, to varying degrees, outside of their literal context.

Since earning his Masters degree, Johnny makes his living teaching photography and devotes his personal time to his family and personal photography projects.

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