The Artists

Aileen Frick

I am interested in the way collage can be integrated into paintings so that one is not conscious of the boundary between the printed image and paint. Beauty and silence play an important part in my artwork. The paintings become quiet meditations on meaning and existence. Most of all, I try to create spaces that will invite the viewer inside. Each image is a progression of time into a quiet place within. The artistic result is no more than the language of that expression. Be it a vision, a memory, or an attraction, what is stored within cannot always be expressed in words. The degree, depth and sincerity of feelings or emotions are difficult to properly describe with language. My art is my music. Its measure may be the degree you find within yourselves connections to what I do not say, but what lies before you within the collage.

Lynn Hoyland

I began to love art as a kid, dreaming about winning the art contests that were offered in magazines. My uncle was a painter, and I used to love going up to his studio and looking at all the wonderful paintings he created. I have a number of his paintings in my home. As an adult I took two drawing classes in college, and loved them, but psychology was my first love. I also love interior design, thinking about color, texture, placement...etc.  I have created a series of textured art, which I call "Scupture on a Canvas". Each painting brings me to a new idea, a new color, and a new technique. I started charcoal drawings in July 2012. Most have an African theme. I am fascinated by African culture and the people. I can't seem to read enough about their customs, tribes, rituals, etc. I find them utterly fascinating.  



FunWOW is a vibrant, pop-art brand based out of Scottsdale, Arizona. Each one-of-a-kind piece is designed digitally and hand-painted on canvas. Explosions, airplanes and good hair are popular themes in FunWOW’s world. Recent exhibits include Global Inheritance's TRASHed x Coachella at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival 2017, Indio, CA; POP! An Art Show at {9} The Gallery, Phoenix, AZ; That New at Unexpected Gallery, Phoenix, AZ, New AZ Art at The Walter Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ, and a solo show at Stacy’s @Melrose in Phoenix, AZ. FunWOW's work is currently held by Global Inheritance and in private collections in Boulder, CO; Chicago, IL; Buffalo, NY; Scottsdale, AZ; Phoenix, AZ; and Wellington, New Zealand.

Joshua Dean Wiley

  Joshua Dean Wiley’s artwork, inspired by his world, includes simple landscapes representing the rural Midwest of his youth and vivacious abstracts stimulated by the power of the great urban desert of Phoenix. Josh paints with a prolific range of styles.This creative force is driven by his desire to explore a whole variety of mediums. He implements various techniques of application to create texture, movement, and depth. Color and composition also play a major role in creating an emotional reaction or response with the viewer. Each of his artworks are painted with a myriad of layers, creating texture, color & movement, conveying images, emotions, and the layers of everyday life. He paints his world with elemental earth tones and metallics; iron oxide, chromium oxide, silver and gold. Josh continues to push the boundaries of presentation merging mediums to create sculptural art forms with acrylic, steel, canvas & wood. He encourages you to look closely at the variety of layers, textures and colors he has created.  Let them lead you into an appreciation of the hidden details in the world around you.  

JoAnn Augur

JoAnn is a Chicago native now living and working in the Phoenix area. As a small child she would draw on anything and everything- much to the dismay of her parents. Two of her uncles were working artists and she would happily tag along with them to their studios. She spent hours watching them work and getting her hands dirty with their tools, instruments, and a wide range of artist materials. It is here she fell in love with the world of art. Many years later her art came alive when she moved to the desert and became inspired by the rich and explosive colors of the Southwest. She now creates primarily in acrylics and mixed media for the simple joy of making something beautiful. Her emphasis is on intriguing combinations of color and composition that compel the viewer’s eye and concentration to be drawn into the painting.

JoAnn has previously exhibited her work at {9} The Gallery, Phoenix, AZ; Paradise Valley Community Center, Phoenix, AZ; Arizona Art School, Scottsdale, AZ; The Clarendon Hotel, Phoenix, AZ; Soul Café, Scottsdale, AZ; a solo show at Gwin Wine Bar, Scottsdale, AZ; a solo show at Luci’s at the Orchard, Phoenix, AZ; and solo shows at Solo Trattoria, Phoenix, AZ.

JoAnn loves life and is deeply involved in many areas of her community. She is a certified yoga instructor. She is happily married, has two daughters and two dogs.

Her zest for life comes through in all her work.